Cornwall Cottages for You

Cornwall is a county of England that is perfect to holiday in. The tales of myth and mystery cannot fail to ignite your imagination; this alone makes a holiday in Cornwall quite unique. Such tales as those of King Arthur and of smugglers secretly plying their trade in a dark, damp cave somewhere on the coast.

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When searching for Cornwall cottages, do your research on the county to try to find out the history of the cottage and surrounding area, there is always a story to tell. It may be true or it just may be a myth and quite frankly who cares, it all makes for a wonderful place to stay.

If it’s the sea you like then the coast line of Cornwall is truly magnificent. From the craggy north coast to the more sedate, but just as beautiful, south coast. Where would you like to stay? The choices are endless.

Holiday cottage in Cornwall with Private pool

By staying in Cornwall cottages you will never be far from anywhere. How about spending a few hours on the beach? Take a picnic or enjoy a Cornish pasty in the way they should be enjoyed, that is in Cornwall. Have a paddle and go rock-pooling. Those rock-pools are usually teaming with life. Personally I love all that Cornwall has to offer.

Cornwall Cottages for You Are Well Equipped

You will find that all Cornwall cottages are well equipped for your stay and provide you with all that you need as a base for your holiday. Let’s face it you will want to be out and about exploring all that is good in Cornwall. Did I mention pasties, yes I think I did. There is also the famous Cornish clotted cream, ice cream, fudge and oh yes fish & chips. You may gather that I like my food and Cornwall will not disappoint on any level. If you like fish you will find many top class restaurants throughout the area. Padstow comes to mind where Rick Stein is based. You will find, however, that Cornwall cottages are all well equipped for cooking your own meals from local produce.

I have always thought of Cornwall as a place of mysterious powers, it may be the area’s Celtic connections. Whenever I visit I feel it and I am sure you will too. In my opinion visiting Cornwall is up there with swimming with dolphins when it comes to feelings of life enhancing experiences. Not that I have ever swam with dolphins and have no desire to but put me in St.Ives with a bag of chips and I am reborn. Sorry back to my stomach again.

I am a little fixated on the coastal areas of Cornwall, this maybe because I am a Pisces not that I am interested in astrology, however, there may a tenuous link there somewhere. You are never far from the coast when staying in Cornwall cottages, however, don’t over-look the beautiful country side in between. Watch out for those Cornish hedges when driving around the narrow roads though.

There are some great places to visit during your stay in Cornwall. I particularly enjoy harbours and fishing villages such as Padstow and Mevagissey to mention but two. You will find many Cornwall cottages in these areas and throughout the county.

I can recommend a trip to St.Michaels Mount. Why not take a boat trip to the island, look round the house and gardens. If you get your timing right, and the tide is out, walk back. There are some lovely tea-rooms in Marazion, in fact, there is no shortage of tea-rooms all over the county. Some enterprising locals provide delicious offerings from their own gardens. There is nothing quite like driving around the Cornish country side and coming across a hand written sign announcing that at the next left are the best cream teas in the land.

Cornwall Cottages Make You Feel At Home!

Cornwall has a mild climate due to the affects of the Gulf Stream so summers tend to be a little cooler and winters warmer than the rest of the United Kingdom. This has a marked affect on the flora. You will probably find that many Cornwall cottages have a garden that will have some flowers blooming at times that are not possible in other parts of Britain. This can make Cornwall more colourful in some winter months than in other areas. My wife is the gardener in the family so I can’t be specific. If this article says anything about me it will probably be that I am the eater of the family.

Staying in Cornwall cottages will make you feel at home. You can relax and enjoy your break. Have a holiday like they used to be. Warm sunny days on the beach. Picnics in the countryside. Cornwall has it all.

Search online for Cornwall cottages and you will be rewarded with a great choice. There are Cornwall cottages in all areas of the county and to suit all pockets. The county is divided into north, east, west and south Cornwall. As you drive over the border from Devon you are in east Cornwall. If you keep heading south-west you’ll end up in Lands End in west Cornwall. This is a wonderful place to visit and stay. You are sure to find plenty of Cornwall cottages in this area. From there take a drive through Zennor it is almost like going back in time.

Choosing & Booking Cornwall Cottages for You Could Not Be Easier

I have only mentioned a few places in this article and I could go on and on. I should produce a fudge map of Cornwall or a cream tea map but then I may be responsible for some expanding waistlines apart from my own.

I am coming to the end of this article about Cornwall and Cornwall cottages so I hope to have wetted your appetite and soon you will be starting your search. Choosing and booking Cornwall cottages online could not be easier. We have a fantastic selection of Cornwall cottages right here on our site. Just remember if you put on weight it’s not my fault! Have a great holiday Cornwall Cottages!