Cheap Holiday Cottages In Cornwall

Cheap Holiday Cottages In Cornwall

Last summer with the long summer break looming, a group of students at my art college decided to attempt to organise a trip to Cornwall to visit the numerous art galleries and communities scattered all over Cornwall.

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The initial consensus was that the only affordable option was camping. However, several of the female students were concerned that there would be nowhere to plug in hair dryers etc. Then someone suggested looking for cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall. This was put to the vote and it was agreed that Simon and Helen would initiate a search for cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall and report back to the group the following week.

In the college bar the following Friday evening we got together again to discuss the possibilities (and have a drink or two). Simon and Helen were slightly overwhelmed by the choice of cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall offered on the Internet. We thought we should narrow our search to a specific area. After much discussion we decided on the St. Ives area with its history of supporting an artist’s colony since the 1920s and sent Simon and Helen off to do some more research on cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall.

We finally settled on two semi-detached stone cottages in one of the narrow lanes overlooking the harbour.

We travelled in convoy and arrived at our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After some argument about which cottage and which room, we dumped our bags and headed out to explore.

Our exploration took us to the beer garden of a pretty pub covered in flowers – tubs, climbers and window boxes. After several hours we made our way back to our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall via the fish and chip shop. Why is it that fish and chips taste so much better out of paper walking along the street!

Sunday morning was a rather lazy affair – no breakfast, no one had thought that far ahead. However, we pulled ourselves together and collected beach gear and set off to walk to the fantastic sandy beach at Carbis Bay a couple of miles up the coast. Upon arrival we bought hot Cornish pasties from a small café and made our way down the cliff path to the beach.

After a long day in the sun, we were unenthusiastically contemplating our walk back to our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall when a friendly local man told us there was a railway station in the village and a small pretty train would deliver us to St. Ives in approximately five minutes. Hoorah!

Arriving in St. Ives we realised we still had nothing for dinner so, of course, we repaired to the beer garden to discuss our options. After an hour or so we went to the Chinese take-away and spent a small fortune on a huge meal which we took back to our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall and ate in the back garden. Needless to say nobody did the washing-up.

The following morning I was the first one up – I suspect everyone else was trying to avoid the washing up. I started to stack dishes in the kitchen and then (thank you God!) I realised there was a dishwasher – we hadn’t really spent much time in the kitchen.

When the others had all drifted in, I offered to do all the washing up if the others organised shopping and cooking on a rota system.

Not much art and culture yet – plenty of time. Four of us went off to see the Tate St.Ives which houses a fantastic collection of paintings, sculptures and ceramics mainly of the ‘St. Ives School’ but also including the work of contemporary local artists.

The building, which opened in 1993, is built into the cliff face and overlooks Porthmeor Beach. We had something to eat in the rooftop restaurant which looks out over the town and harbour – in the distance you can see the Godrevy Lighthouse.

We returned to our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall and were amazed to find dinner cooking away in the oven, table set and bottles of wine opened. What luxury!

The next day was beautifully warm and sunny and we succumbed to the lure of the beach again. After all too much work and no play…..

Wednesday we left our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall and decided to visit the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden – an amazing experience! Barbara Hepworth was born in Wakefield in 1903 and moved to St. Ives in 1939. The sub-tropical Sculpture Garden holds many of her best works in bronze, stone and wood. She was a great influence on her friend Henry Moore. She died tragically in a studio fire in 1975. The garden and museum are managed by the Tate St. Ives – I wish we had known, we could have bought a combined ticket.

For the rest of the week we abandoned all pretence at an educational trip – after all it was a heatwave in Cornwall.

Cheap Holiday Cottages In Cornwall – Lovely Food Awaits!

A couple more days on the beach – the girls saying we can’t go home without a suntan. Evenings in the pub not far from our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall and when we were feeling really energetic a couple of daytrips to Penzance and St.Agnes.

On our last evening we decided to take the train into Penzance for a slap-up meal at a lovely old Inn that we had noticed on our day trip. The restaurant was on the harbour front and it was warm enough to take a table outside. The food was lovely and the wine wasn’t bad either. After dinner, a wander along the harbour and then the train back to our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall.

Next morning we set off for home – all sad to be leaving our cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall. I think another ‘educational trip’ to cheap holiday cottages in Cornwall may be in order next year.