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Christmas is just around the corner and the streets will be full of shoppers looking for that special gift for their loved ones. This year will be different for my family and as we have all agreed to have a winter break and look at cottages to let in Cornwall.

We are looking forward to a quiet Christmas in a cosy cottage. The great thing about cottages to let in Cornwall is that they are available all year round.

We have been scouring the Internet for cottages to let in Cornwall and I am amazed at the huge choice available. There really is something for every budget and requirement.

Cornwall is known for its milder winters, it seems to escape the worst of the winter weather and of course the crowds of summer are long gone. We are looking forward to blowing the cobwebs away by taking a stroll on a deserted beach with the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean roaring onto the beach and after a bracing walk heading back to our home from home to settle down by the log fire.

A visit to Lands End is planned, winter is a spectacular time to visit the place, we will surely feel the full force of nature as we watch the waves crashing against the rocks while we explore the coastal footpaths in this beautiful corner of Britain. The wildlife really is unique here and bird spotters will enjoy looking out for the numerous sea birds that can be seen perched on the rocks and cliffs, there are several species including Razorbills, Guillemots, Shag and the Greater Black Backed Gull. We will have to have a photo at the famous signpost as well, although we will not be walking to John O,Groats this year!

No doubt we will head for the restaurant or find a nice country pub for a warming bowl of soup and a delicious Cornish Pasty when we are there.
Another place on our “must go to” list is St Michael’s Mount near Penzance, this place is full of history with a beautiful castle and church which is cut off from the mainland when the tide is in. We will probably have to catch a boat to get there or maybe we will be able to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims and walk across the cobbled causeway to the Mount. I am sure I will get some great photos here.

We will not be abandoning Christmas completely and we intend to visit Truro and its Victorian Christmas Market, with all the traders dressed in Victorian clothes it certainly adds to the atmosphere, the Victorian Christmas Market is situated in a huge heated marquee. We will be able to get all our Christmas goodies in the food hall, everything we need for our Christmas lunch and here we are sure to find some unusual gifts for our friends and family.

Truro is a magical place to visit in the winter, with the town switching on the Christmas lights at the end of November, this vibrant city really comes to life over the festive period with late night shopping and entertainment including a brass band and carol singers.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a great family favourite a pantomime. We will certainly be checking out the Hall for Cornwall theatre in Truro, this year its Robinson Crusoe and the Cornish Pirates it is sure to be an action packed, fun filled panto for both pirates and landlubbers alike.

Another place on our agenda is a visit to the Eden Project,there is so much to see and do here, it really is a great family day out. I will definitely be booking a session on the ice skating rink they have there throughout the winter and I must remember to check out the exhibition of wildlife photography with over 100 amazing wildlife photographs. I am really looking forward to visiting a rainforest in the middle of a Cornish winter too.

Have you ever thought of cottages to let in Cornwall but have been put off by the long drive, especially in winter? Did you know that Newquay boasts its very own airport? Now cottages to let in Cornwall are even more accessible as flights are available all year round. Flights are available from London Gatwick and Manchester and with a flight time of approximately an hour you could find yourself tucked up in one of the cottages to let in Cornwall before lunchtime. It really does make cottages to let in Cornwall a viable option for a weekend break at any time of the year.With the cheap flights that are available, it makes sense to jump on a plane, less stress, no traffic and with the price of fuel, you may well be pleasantly surprised at the advantages of flying to Cornwall.

Cottages To Let In Cornwall – So Much To See & Do!

There are many cottages to let in Cornwall,certainly in Newquay you can find cottages just a short taxi ride from the airport or hire a car to go further afield.

With the flights that are available to Newquay airport it is a perfect opportunity to escape the grip of a northern winter and enquire about cottages to let in Cornwall on a longer term basis. They say a change is as good as a rest so cottages to let in Cornwall are a good idea for retired couples, they can also provide an alternative get away over the winter months. You can lock the house up and fly south to a milder winter.

Well we have sorted out our winter break, in a few months time we will be looking for cottages to let in Cornwall in summertime. Will we return to the same cottage? Well,with the choice of cottages to let in Cornwall and with so much to see and do in Cornwall we will probably look for another corner of this beautiful County to enjoy. Who knows,maybe we will forget the motorway traffic and fly there!

Private Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

My family and I have stayed at several private holiday cottages in Cornwall. The first was in Looe on the south coast where we spent an interesting few days simply enjoying the village itself. The many shops and pubs there kept us amused for the whole holiday. The village is split into two halves, East and West Looe by a small bridge that sits in front of a car park that is usually bursting at the seams. This a good point when you rent private holiday cottages in Cornwall always ask about parking.

In Looe lots of the properties don´t have a place for your car and you could find yourself having to take on expensive off road parking. Parking spaces in Looe are like gold dust and therefore highly priced. Looe has a small beach that gets quite full on a sunny summers day and at weekends, as does the town itself. For the people that live there full time that aren´t involved in the tourist industry it must be very frustrating during peak season. If you do not like crowds the summer season the Looe is not for you. However you may like to take your private holiday cottages in Cornwall during the spring or autumn when the crowds thin out and the tourism frenzy that occurs during July and August cools down a little.

One other item about Looe is the fishing trips, we took a day trip out on a small mackerel fishing boat and had a great time. For the more adventurous and those with deeper pockets there are shark fishing trips. Nowadays these sharks have a certain amount of protection because sharks in the area were fished almost out of existence so today the worst that happens is that if you should catch a shark, it is tagged on its dorsal fin and then released back into the wild.

After the holiday in Looe we decided the next year we would try the private holiday cottages in Cornwall again but this time on Bodmin Moor. This was completely opposite to our previous time in Cornwall. We found ourselves in the small hamlet of St Neot. Here we found the locals friendly not that they weren’t in Looe but nobody was trying to sell us anything. We bought a map and went on daily walks to the neighbouring villages. You do have to be a bit careful in the off season though, as the Moor is notorious for cloaking itself in fog that is so thick you can ´stir it´ as the locals say. If you should stray off the beaten track there are treacherous bogs that are to be avoided at all cost and should you get wet hypothermia is more than a worry. If you don´t know where you are and cannot find help quickly you will be in real trouble. Anyway that is a downside to the Moor that we didn´t come across as we had a wonderful time. Children would probably not be too happy with a Moorland holiday the pursuits are more, I feel for the adult. However not everybody´s children are the same, yours may take to a holiday on Bodmin Moor like fish to water.

We visited Cardinham, St Cleer and Bolventor during our stay and had a morning at the markets in Lauceston which made for an interesting day. If you have a dog or two and do not fancy paying out for expensive kennel fees I am certain that they would love to tag along. Bodmin Moor is custom built for the dog owner. Check with the cottage owner first though, the last thing you need when starting a holiday with your pet is to be told that they and therefore you will not be made welcome.

Another area where private holiday cottages in Cornwall are hired on a regular basis is Newquay. Here, with regard to tourism you will find yourself somewhere between the two holiday types that I mentioned earlier. Newquay is without doubt the tourist capital of Cornwall and there are a large amount of private holiday cottages in Cornwall available to rent for a week or two. More tourists visit Newquay than anywhere but Newquay is geared up for it and unlike Looe is a much larger resort. Looe had tourism thrust upon it whereas Newquay has encouraged the yearly summer influx and due to the large number of hotels in the resort it is also moving into marketing holidays for the Christmas period to maximise income. Of course Newquay is also the capital for surfing in the UK with hundreds of people coming into the resort daily to hone their skills on the lofty waves that bound into the shore from the Atlantic Ocean. Fistral beach overlooked by the Atlantic, and Fistral Bay Hotels is a Mecca to the experienced surfer and many world event competitions are held here. Top surfers from all over the globe enter these and bring much needed revenue to the resort.

Private Holiday Cottages In Cornwall – Ideal For Small Groups:

Private holiday cottages in Cornwall do very well during these competitions as do all the hotels and boarding houses. Many of these surfers come in teams and private holiday cottages in Cornwall are ideal for these small groups as opposed to the hotels where privacy is a little more hard to come by whereas the cottages give a more homely feel to them. If you feel you would like to join in during theses competitions you will need to book your holiday very early as these private holiday cottages in Cornwall will be in short supply to say the very least.

As well as the surfing which of course gives an important source of income to the resort Newquay offers an excellent variety of nightlife. There are several clubs that are designed for all age groups, These range from ´ The Blue Lagoon ´ aimed at teenagers to ´ The Tall Trees ´ night club which attracts an older age group.

There is such a variety of locations in Cornwall that wherever you choose your private holiday cottages in Cornwall, as long as you book early and do your homework on your chosen resort you will have a great time.

Cheap Cornwall Cottages

Last year after finishing our ‘A’ Levels a crowd of us decided to look for some cheap Cornwall cottages for a week of rest and recuperation. We eventually agreed that the vibrant town of Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall would be a suitable destination.

We trawled the Internet and came up with a list of cheap Cornwall cottages and after much discussion picked two cottages close to the beach and the much anticipated nightlife. At the end of July we set off in Sally’s Ford Escort and Tom’s old banger. I went in Sally’s car not being at all sure that Tom’s would make it all the way to our cheap Cornwall cottages!

We arrived in Newquay in the early evening and followed the directions to our cheap Cornwall cottages. We dropped our bags inside and set out to sample the nightlife. First stop the Sailors Arms – a medium sized pub with a fair sized dance floor. We ordered drinks and food and began to relax and enjoy our holiday. A few more drinks and we felt ready to try the club next door. Great night! We staggered back to our cheap Cornwall cottages at 2.00am absolutely exhausted after our long day.

Next day we went to visit the Blue Reef Aquarium to take an ‘underwater safari’. The aquarium has a long glass tunnel built under and alongside the displays. What an amazing experience – walking along the tunnel surrounded by tropical fish, turtles, reef sharks and pufferfish.

After lunch in a nearby beer garden we headed off to to Trenance Leisure Park for a hilarious game of Crazy Golf then it was time to return to our cheap Cornwall cottages to prepare for another night on the town. Tom and Joe offered to collect a take-away for dinner so that we could conserve our limited funds for more important things.

Dinner over, we left our cheap Cornwall cottages and headed off to Holywell Bay to find the Treguth Inn which had been recommended to us by some students we were chatting to at lunchtime. The Treguth Inn turned out to be a beautiful 13th century thatched cottage selling fantastic beer. We had a great evening talking (and drinking) with the locals and the holidaymakers from the surrounding camp sites.

The following morning we left our cheap Cornwall cottages and made our way to the beach for a day of swimming and relaxation on the golden sands. At least that was the plan but Tom and Joe – inspired by the lads surfing the waves – went for a surfing lesson. They returned about an hour later muttering something along the lines of ‘its not as easy as it looks’.

Late afternoon we returned to our cheap Cornwall cottages stopping to buy huge Cornish pasties on the way. The evenings plans were abandoned as everyone was too tired to venture out. We ended up slumped on the sofas watching a video. We decided to spend a day at the Holywell Bay Fun Park ( big kids) and had a great time with the bumper boats – like bumper cars but wetter! Tom got lost in Merlins Magical Maze and had to be rescued. We had lunch in the American style Diner on the site – it even had a free juke box!

In the evening we went to the Mermaid Inn at Porth. The inn is situated literally on Porth Beach. We sat at one of the outside tables and ordered drinks and food. The food was wonderful and the portions huge. After watching the magnificent sunset we went back to our cheap Cornwall cottages. With funds running low, we planned a walk along the coastal path from Newquay to St. Agnes – 11 miles on a fairly easy route. We prepared a picnic at our cheap Cornwall cottages and set out bright and early.

The first stretch of our route involved crossing the Gannel – we had a choice either to wait an hour for the ferry or (as it was low tide) wade across. A unanimous decision – we all took off our shoes and crossed the semi-submerged tidal bridge and arrived on the sandy beach at Crantock. We made a slight detour over the sand dunes to have a look at Crantock village. There was a lovely old white-washed inn called Old Albion – luckily it was too early for it to be open!

We returned to the beach to rejoin the coastal path which led us along low cliffs to Pentire Point West. From there we descended to a lovely secluded cove called Porth Joke which was owned by the National Trust. Then we passed Kelsey Head with its iron age fort and arrived at the sandy beach at Holywell Bay. Apparently the ‘holy well’ is a spring (said to have healing properties) in a cave – but unfortunately we couldn’t spot it.

Cheap Cornwall Cottages – Great Value For Money!

Leaving Holywell the path began to climb and there were wonderful views over Gulls Rocks. We stopped for our picnic high on the cliffs – I can’t stand gritty sandwiches. We were at the halfway point and after a short snooze, we pressed on.

Several hours later we arrived at the small town of St.Agnes and headed straight for the nearest hostelry. After food and a couple of beers, we managed to catch the last bus back to our cheap Cornwall cottages. The rest of our holiday seemed to pass in a flash! We visited the Newquay Zoo, had a couple of hours horse riding and spent a couple of days at the beach.

At the end of our week in our cheap Cornwall cottages we shook the sand out of our shoes and packed our bags. We bought a supply of Cornish pasties for the journey home. We all agreed that it had been a fantastic week and we would certainly be returning to our cheap Cornwall cottages in the future.