Cornwall Holiday Cottages

Cornwall Holiday Cottages

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Last spring we heard from our old neighbours who had moved to Bristol a couple of years ago. They have had some lovely holidays in Cornwall holiday cottages since they moved. They love the north coast of Cornwall and suggested that it would be nice to rent adjacent Cornwall holiday cottages for a couple of weeks in the summer.

We decided it would be a good idea – a chance to catch up on all our news and for the families to get together. It would also be good to avoid the normal summer airport chaos associated with foreign trips.

I had spent some time in Boscastle in my late teens and I stayed at the youth hostel at the end of the harbour jetty. It was managed by an old friend of my family and in return for some help about the place I had free accommodation. I made extra money looking after a couple of Cornwall holiday cottages. There was a pub called the Cobweb in the village and in those days the entire ceiling was covered in cobwebs. I didn’t know if it was still there but I had fond memories of the place and would like to find out.

After extensive research, we found two Cornwall holiday cottages in Boscastle that looked ideal. We booked online after making sure that both cottages were available for our preferred fortnight.

August arrived and we set off in high spirits having arranged to meet Maggie and Pete in Bude at lunchtime. We met at a lovely old Inn and lunched on fresh crab sandwiches washed down with the local ale. The children were delighted to see each other again, as were the adults.

After lunch a short walk along the coast to watch the Atlantic breakers rolling in and the surfers on the British ‘Bondi Beach’. We walked back to the cars and set off to find our Cornwall holiday cottages.

After several wrong turnings down beautiful lanes that looked like leafy tunnels we eventually arrived to receive a warm welcome from the owners of the cottages. The cottages exceeded our expectations. They were beautifully furnished and the owners had provided a welcome pack consisting of eggs, bread, milk, tea, coffee and even a bottle of wine. There was an information pack giving details of local shops, pubs and activities – and yes, the Cobweb was still there.

We got the children settled and sat out in the garden to catch up with Maggie & Pete. My lasting memory of that warm evening is good conversation and the smell of Jasmine.

The following day we were up at the crack of dawn (in the children’s case – literally). However, we persuaded them to leave us alone for another hour or so. Then it was a leisurely breakfast in the garden and a discussion of the day’s plans.

We decided to take a walk along the cliff path to Tintagel and then to return to Boscastle and buy supplies for the Cornwall holiday cottages and perhaps call into the Cobweb. The children were horrified at the idea of a ceiling covered in cobwebs but I was fairly certain that ‘health & safety’ would have seen these long gone.

We took a bracing walk along the cliffs to Tintagel. Tintagel gets visitors from all over the world drawn by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The young ones and the not so young ones engaged in swordplay a little too close to the cliff edge for my liking.

A rather slower walk back to Boscastle and refreshments in the beer garden of the Cobweb. I offered to go inside and order the drinks – desperate for a look at ceiling. I was right – the dark beams were pristine – no more cobwebs.

After leaving the pub we passed the Witchcraft Museum, and the children,looking fairly terrified, insisted that we go in. The museum had been established for forty years and has the largest collection of witchcraft artifacts in the world. An hour later we left and returned to our lovely Cornwall holiday cottages to prepare dinner. Let’s hope there are no nightmares tonight after the museum visit.

Next morning we packed up a picnic at our Cornwall holiday cottages and headed off to the beach at Port Gaverne. Port Gaverne is a small secluded sandy beach with safe bathing. The children were fascinated by the rock pools and caves. We had a lovely day and stopped off at Port Isaac on the way back to our Cornwall holiday cottages. Port Isaac has a busy working harbour surrounded by bars and restaurants, many specialising in fresh seafood. After looking at several menus we decided to eat in Port Isaac and save the ‘spag bol’ awaiting us at our Cornwall holiday cottages for the next day. In the restaurant we met a couple who were also renting Cornwall holiday cottages in Padstow. They recommended the ‘Seafood Restaurant’ run by Rick Stein, the world famous chef, in Padstow.

The following day we telephoned the owners of our Cornwall holiday cottages and they volunteered their daughter’s services for babysitting if we wished to go out for an evening without the children. This offer was quickly accepted and a booking was made for the evening at Rick Stein’s restaurant.

Cornwall Holiday Cottages – You’ll Want To Come Back Again!

Susie, the owners’ daughter, arrived at our Cornwall holiday cottages at 7.00pm and had the foresight to bring a Walt Disney video. After the introductions we set off to Padstow promising to return by midnight.

We had a fantastic evening! In fact it was so good that we had to abandon the car and take a taxi back to our Cornwall holiday cottages, the designated driver being unable to resist the wine in the restaurant and the real Cornish ale at the friendly Inn.

The rest of our holiday in Cornwall passed much too quickly. We all agreed that we would definitely be renting Cornwall holiday cottages again the following year.