Cottages In Cornwall With Swimming Pool

Cottages In Cornwall With Swimming Pool

When thinking about renting a cottage for a summer break there are many considerations, personally I favour The Westcountry with Cornwall being top of my list. Once you have decided on a the county some time should be used to work out the type of holiday that suits your needs.

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One common denominator is that most people would enjoy a cottage in Cornwall with a swimming pool. Normally a pool would not be high on my list of priorities but several years ago we booked a holiday cottage and found that due to oversubscription we were upgraded to a cottage in Cornwall with a swimming pool. We were a little worried at first because we had two young children and the thought of an accident played on my mind during the weeks prior to our annual two weeks away from the rat race in London. However when we arrived our fears were dispensed with as the pool was within an enclosure and our children, Tommy and Jane could not get to the pool without my wife Jean or I being there to let them in.

Tommy was nine and could swim a little but Jane, just five could not swim a stroke without screaming blue murder to anyone that would listen. The weather for this particular holiday was beautiful and we found that it only took a short time for the children to become totally at ease in the water. Within two days Tommy could efficiently swim six lengths of the four metre pool and Jane aided by armbands screamed the place down when she was told that she had been in the water for long enough and to get out and dry off. During the middle of our holiday Jean´s parents stayed with us for a long weekend and were amazed at the children´s aquatic progress. To be honest, the pool that would normally add a hundred pounds to the holiday saved us a fortune on day trips, overpriced treats and meals out. Nobody wanted to move far from the pool and we had a really happy family holiday, my parents who usually would be eager to return to London on this occasion were quite sad to leave us. So from a customer’s point of view a cottage in Cornwall with the initial added cost of a swimming pool can be excellent value for money.

When it comes to buying a cottage in Cornwall with a swimming pool and not just renting there are quite a few considerations. Pools can be quite expensive to maintain unless you are happy to tackle the work yourself. Plus there is not the inconsiderable cost of chemicals and the power required to run the pump and filters. It´s one thing to jump into a pool and splash about in mid- summer, quite another to spend a cold Autumn dragging mountains of leaves from the depths of your poor on a daily basis. You can of course pay someone to do this for you should your budget run to it.

If you yourself decide to buy into the cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool and have a view to renting yourself, the pool itself can be a beast or a blessing. Obviously the income will be maximised during the summer months but not too many people are interested in smashing their way through an inch of ice on new year´s eve to welcome in the new year. So if you go down the pool route think it through carefully.

Another option for cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool is to go the whole hog and heat your pool then you could recoup all your expenditure by having a usable pool fifty two weeks a year. When we rented our agent told us that many of his clients who had cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool had added a heating system for the water and some, where possible had built a conservatory type enclosure over it. These cottages we were told were always rented, maximizing income.

Whilst we have been talking about cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool we also must not think that the pool is the only thing that matters. The cottage itself is the main consideration whether you are an owner or a someone looking to rent, either for a holiday or longer term occupancy. Normally the cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool are the larger ones, if you have four bedrooms with four pairs of people sharing the price the heated pool comes into its own, however a one bed roomed cottage with the same pool would have to be pretty special to command anything like an equivalent income.

Some middle ground on this is where there are a group of cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool used communally, where obviously the construction and maintenance costs can be shared amongst the owners. This gives a gain to everyone as long as the client doesn´t mind sharing with other cottage residents.

Cottages In Cornwall With A Swimming Pool – Consider What Your Needs Are:

In conclusion when looking for cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool there are of course a hundred things to consider but the most important thing is to ask yourself what your needs are. Why hire cottages in Cornwall with a swimming pool if you are not going to use it. If your cottage is beside the coast is a pool necessary. In our case and with young children, would you rather give the pool a miss until they grow a little older, for us these fears were unfounded but only due to the pool being ring- fenced. Perhaps your holiday is based on a hobby as well as a holiday, you may like to ramble and are using the property simply as a place to stay, do you take pets with you? All these questions need to be asked before you book your holiday home,

But whatever your choice one thing is for certain if you do take a cottage in Cornwall with a swimming pool or without for sure you will be, if only for a short time able to enjoy one of the most beautiful places anywhere in the world.