Cottages In Cornwall

Cottages In Cornwall

My ideal holiday is traditional, by that I mean by the seaside spending quality time with my family on the beach and playing in the sea. I can think of no better place on earth I would like to spend that holiday other than Cornwall.

There are so many cottages in Cornwall you can choose from and there is no better base for your break. You may want to be close to the coast and with about 400 miles of coastline, much of it owned by the National Trust, and more than 300 beaches to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. You will find a plethora ofcottages in Cornwall to select from for your holiday.

Let’s not forget the bits in between the coastal areas. The Cornish country side, in my opinion, is the most beautiful in the land and, because of the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, looks very green and lush even in some winter months when the rest of the United Kingdom’s plant life has gone to sleep for the winter season. The winters tend to be milder in Cornwall so, even though, cottages in Cornwall will, most likely, have heating, you may not need it. Assuming you fancy a winter break that is.

I, usually, use the A30 to travel to Cornwall and as soon as I cross over the Devonshire/Cornwall border I feel that I have arrived home. I come over all mystic and weird, I think there may be some Celtic blood in my veins or it just may be indigestion. Joking apart, there is a strange unearthly connection about Cornwall. By staying in cottages in Cornwall I am sure you will experience this feeling too.

Once over the border you can stay on the A30 and head for Lands End or branch off, you will not be disappointed with your journey, the countryside is stunning. You can see where Daphne Du Maurier got her inspiration to write “Frenchman’s Creek” and “Jamaica Inn”. Jamaica Inn is near Launceston it used to be a coaching inn on the main London to Cornwall road used by smugglers and other undesirables. It is now a museum dedicated to the writer.

The North coast of Cornwall is very craggy, personally I find parts of this coastline breath taking. There are some beautiful towns and villages along this stretch of coast. Padstow, Port Isaac, St. Agnes are great places to visit and stay, look forcottages in Cornwall nearby. Newquay is a, somewhat, larger seaside town and if you are into surfing then you will be brushing shoulders with the best of them, it is also a great place for a family holiday.

Cottages In Cornwall Come Fully Equipped!

Now I am first to admit that I love my food, especially the type that is bad for me. I have a sweet tooth too resulting in large dentists bills over the years and an ever expanding waistline. When renting cottages in Cornwall you will never be far from local delicacies such as fudge, Cornish pasties, Cornish ice cream and good old fish ‘n’ chips. My palette is not sophisticated as you can see. If yours is, however, there is much to choose from in Cornwall. If you like fish, for example, then you are going to the right county it being the home of Rick Stein. Cottages in Cornwall do come with fully equipped kitchens so if you want to create your own gastronomic delights using local produce then the choice is yours.

I love walking and there are many cottages in Cornwall that are very close to the Cornish coastal path all 258 miles of it. The path runs from Bude, on the north coast to Plymouth in the south. You can easily break it up in to smaller sections, for example, Bude to Tintagel, Tintagel to Boscastle and so on. It is great to walk these routes summer or winter. The scenery is stunning and there is such a variety of fauna and flora. There are plenty of guides to the coastal path online, so when you are searching for cottages in Cornwall take a look at those too. It may help you decide on the area to stay.

Another favourite place of mine is St.Ives. It has the beaches, the fish ‘n’ chips, the fudge, the restaurants, the list goes on. There are day trips to be had both by boat and coach if you fancy taking a break from driving. St.Ives is a great choice for cottages in Cornwall there is something for all the family. A word of warning though, sea gulls love pasties too and they can be very tactical and cunning when it comes to deciding who is going to eat your tasty pasty, or ice cream for that matter if they are looking for dessert. There are plenty of shops to buy your shell cat, stick of rock and if you really must a “kiss me quick” hat but that may a step too far. There are some nice walks around St.Ives too, ideal for walking off those chips from the “Balancing Eel”, a favourite of mine.

Finding Cottages In Cornwall Couldn’t Be Any Easier…

Searching for cottages in Cornwall could not be easier. Use that exact phrase in Google or search engine of your choice and you will be rewarded with umpteen results from which to choose. If you don’t know already do some research on the Internet, this may help in your decision of where you would like your cottages in Cornwall to be. Where ever you choose your stay will be a glorious one especially if you get good weather but even if you don’t. Cornwall is a beautiful place to be.

You will find plenty to do in the evening too. There are many venues where you can find entertainment as well as the traditional pub serving real Cornish ale and cider and a food menu with locally caught pasties and fish. Cottages in Cornwall will be the best choice for your next holiday; do you have room for me?