Cottages To Rent In Cornwall


It appears to have fallen to me to organise a week-long family reunion next summer.

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Although the family keep in touch by telephone and e-mail they are scattered far and wide and rarely meet up.

So far the plan seems to be to find cottages to rent in Cornwall and all have a pleasant holiday together. I am receiving replies from family members every day and everyone seems keen on the idea of finding cottages to rent in Cornwall.

There is some disagreement about which area to go to. Personally, I have very fond memories of childhood holidays at Carbis Bay, near St.Ives. In those days we could not afford cottages to rent in Cornwall and spent our days on the beach and our nights under canvas.

I have managed to persuade my husband that we need to take a trip to look at cottages to rent in Cornwall so that I can arrange things properly – well it’s a lot of responsibility!

I decided to take my laptop with me to check each area we visited for cottages to rent in Cornwall. The number of cottages required has now risen to eight.

Cottages To Rent In Cornwall – St Mawes Is A Beautiful Place

We started our search at St.Mawes – a popular holiday destination on the Roseland peninsula. We were going to travel around the coast to do our research so we booked into the Idle Rocks Hotel. We normally prefer cottages to rent in Cornwall for the flexibility they offer but I must say the hotel was stunning.

Luckily the hotel had Internet access and I jotted down details of several cottages for rent in Cornwall.

The next morning we set off early. The plan was to drive around and look at the outsides of the cottages for rent in Cornwall and score them on appearance and setting and proximity to each other. Perhaps not the most scientific approach but we did not have any appointments to view. After all we had only one week to find the family their perfect cottages for rent in Cornwall.

St.Mawes has its very own weather station which provides information to yacht and leisure boat owners and to the small fishing fleet which operates out of the harbour. The weather is generally mild all year round due to the proximity of the gulf stream.

We were fairly successful in our search for cottages to rent in Cornwall. Top score went to a group of ten stone cottages set in lovely grounds. My only reservation was that as we only needed eight cottages, whoever rented the other two might be slightly overwhelmed by the presence of most of my relations!

The next day we drove south to Lizard Point. Unfortunately, the only hotel on the Point itself was fully booked, so we drove on to Mullion Cove and registered in the cliff-top hotel there.

After a delicious lunch, we strolled around the lovely lanes between the cove and the village continuing our quest for cottages to rent in Cornwall. There were several possibilities which we added to our shortlist.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the numerous coves along this stretch of the coast.

Mullion Cove and Mullion Head have been owned by the National Trust since 1945. Back in the 18th century it was a famous haunt of smugglers. There are breeding colonies of rare birds such as Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Guillemots. We walked along the cliff path and came to another small cove that could only be reached on foot. We never did find out its name.

Cottages To Rent In Cornwall – Try St Ives & Carbis Bay

The following day we decided to head straight for St.Ives (and Carbis Bay) to continue our search for cottages to rent in Cornwall.

Upon arrival we secured a room in one of the harbourside Inns. Then we took the charming St. Ives Bay Line railway to Carbis Bay and its famous sandy beaches. We found some beautiful cliff-top cottages to rent with a path down to the beach.

So far, these were definitely my favourite cottages to rent in Cornwall.

Next day we took the train into Penzance to continue our search for accommodation to rent. I had written down some details but obviously not enough. We couldn’t find the cottages!

On impulse we decided to take the helicopter over to St. Marys in the Scilly Isles. I had been here many years before and one of the highlights of my visit was the bus tour of the island. I was intrigued as the island only had one road about twelve miles long and I couldn’t think what there could possibly be to see. In fact it was one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had!

The bus set off and then stopped about ten yards down the road. The driver switched on his microphone and pointed to a rather stout lady walking along the path ‘that’s the butcher’s wife – she’s put on a bit of weight lately. Oh! And the hat’s new – she bought it to go to her sister’s wedding over on the mainland’. He continued in this vein until we came to the end of the road. Then he did a seven point turn in a farm gateway and we came back.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about this trip so I don’t know if it still operates.

We treated ourselves to lunch at a nice pub on the harbour front and took the ferry back to the mainland. We had a lovely day but, unfortunately we had not made much progress in our search for cottages to rent in Cornwall.

We returned to our Inn in St.Ives and reviewed the notes we had made during our search for cottages to rent in Cornwall. We both agreed that the Carbis Bay cottages were the best. Our search was over! We rewarded ourselves with a couple of days relaxing on the beach and then returned home to tell the family the result of our search for cottages to rent in Cornwall.