Self Catering Cottages In Cornwall

Self Catering Cottages In Cornwall

Bring on Nobby the Norfolk Horn and the Sheep Show Hustle! What has happened to ‘one man and his dog’ with our woolly friends being sent this way and that by a dutiful Collie with a whistle and a bit of ‘comeby-ing’? Well last year’s Royal Cornwall Show certainly put on a sheep show with a difference. Dancing sheep I tell you! It was absolutely hilarious with Nobby stealing the show! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier, while the sheep were strutting their stuff on their podiums, the said dutiful Collie was rounding up ducks, which was equally as comical!

This and much more fun was to be had at last year’s Royal Cornwall Show and I cannot wait to return to next year’s show which promises to be another great event. Last year and the years prior I found great accommodation by searching for self catering cottages Cornwall. I had no idea there was so much choice and by just entering “self catering cottages Cornwall” in my favourite search engine, pages of fantastic cottages for rent were available at my fingertips. Finding accommodation near to Wadebridge, where the show is held every year, can be quite difficult, so I would highly recommend booking early and refining your search by entering “self catering cottages Cornwall Wadebridge”. 2012’s show will be the 6th, 7th and 8th June, so get online and book your accommodation now!

In brief, the show is an agricultural show exhibiting everything from arts to animals. It gives visitors a glimpse into rural life in the county and there is something there for everyone. There are many stalls offering all sorts of wares and you can buy anything from a traditional Cornish pasty to a tractor! The livestock, flowers, show jumping, demonstrations, entertainment, dog shows (I can go on and on), makes for a memorable visit. If you are lucky, a member of the royal family might drop by too, so the show lives up to its royal status. Book your self catering cottages Cornwall early as this show is very popular with record attendance last year of 125,000 people!

Having been born on a farm and growing up around horses, the Royal Cornwall Show gives me the opportunity to don my welly’s and smelly Barbour and enjoy the rural life that I miss so much. Last year I stayed in a quaint cottage on a 500 acre working farm, near to Wadebridge, which was absolutely perfect, especially as I could take my beloved pooch with me too. A lot of self catering cottages Cornwall are dog friendly, so be sure to take your four legged friend along too for a holiday! Most pubs also welcome dogs and my last count online led me to 145 dog friendly public houses in Cornwall! To find pet friendly accommodation, refine your search online by entering “self catering cottages Cornwall pet friendly”. Dogs are welcome to the Cornwall show too if kept on a lead and my girl had a fabulous time taking in all the different sights and smells!

After three days of stuffing my face with every food produce on offer at the show, I like to return to my non-gluttonous world by burning off the clotted cream and scones. I do this by way of gallivanting around the country on horseback. When I book self catering cottages Cornwall, I always look for the nearest equestrian centre to my accommodation. I also enjoy a spot of clay pigeon shooting and visit my favourite shooting school every year. Beginners are always welcome at most schools, so if you fancy trying something different, there are a few shooting schools in Cornwall. When searching for self catering cottages Cornwall, search for your nearest clay pigeon shooting school. You will love it!

Cornwall is a county that really has covered everything when it comes to tourism. There is something for every kind of holiday maker and it is no wonder that Cornwall has won the British Travel Award for the Top UK Holiday Destination for three years in a row. If you search “self catering cottages Cornwall” you will find hundreds of high quality cottages to choose from. Self catering cottages Cornwall offer a diverse range of properties and searching is so easy on the internet. You can refine your search without trawling through the hundreds of properties available, just by adding a few ‘key’ words. I, for example, prefer to be inland, near to Wadebridge, rent a pet friendly cottage, which is detached, so after “self catering cottages Cornwall” I simply add these words. The benefits of choosing self catering cottages Cornwall are that you will feel the sense of freedom that Cornwall has to offer. You can come and go as you please, eat when and what you like, and really feel part of Cornwall’s historic past. There is a self catering cottage Cornwall to suit everybody, whether it is a remote tranquil cottage, to a fisherman’s cottage in a coastal town. The Cornish are so accommodating and will endeavour to cater for your every need. To date I have never been disappointed!

Self Catering Cottages Cornwall – The Best Rural Experience –

I lived in Cornwall for a couple of years and I love returning to this wonderful part of the country where once I was proudly part of the ‘green welly brigade’. Farm labourers through to rich estate owners all treat each other with equal respect and my love for all things Cornish started during my two year stay working on a farm. The Cornish people are so cheerful and they work very hard without ever grumbling – a quality so rare in people these days. I always opt for renting self catering cottages Cornwall during my stay as it gives me the sense that I am living there again. I return every year and one day I hope never to leave! Book self catering cottages Cornwall and enjoy the best rural experience that only Cornwall can offer. Don’t forget to pack your green wellys’!